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Written by: Arthur

With literally hundreds of new male enhancement brands made every year, it’s hard to keep track of which products to buy and which products to trust. Male enhancement is too important for a man to trust a new product – and that’s why we’re here. We review male enhancement products with the sole objective of revealing a product’s true nature. Every month we go through dozens of products, looking to expose the truth behind the product, and let the consumer decide if they still want to purchase the product. In our quest to uncover the secrets behind the industry’s top brands, we discovered some of the worst schemes in the industry. On the other hand, our in-depth reviews also allow us to reveal products that are genuinely effective. In this review, we’ll talk about Male UltraCore. In a span of months, Male UltraCore went from a virtual unknown to the talk of the town. Male UltraCore is said to have the most extreme results anyone could ever have in male enhancement, and here’s the kicker - Male UltraCore has the science to prove its effectiveness.

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Based on our experience, over-the-top claims and scientific proof doesn’t always come hand-in-hand. Almost all pills that we reviewed that tried to exaggerate their claims always fell flat. Since some of the industry’s A-listers already talk about Male UltraCore, we decided to join the fray and come up with our own assessment of Male UltraCore. Check it out.

What is Male UltraCore? – In-depth Male UltraCore Analysis

Male UltraCore is a new male enhancement supplement that promises to massively improve your sexual performance and erection size. Based on what we’ve read about Male UltraCore online, it’s easy to be impressed with the product. Male UltraCore has a complete lineup of scientific facts, studies, and exclusive technologies, which make it all look impressive.

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If there’s anything we know about male enhancement pills, it’s that these products always come up with amazing, eye-catching words that make their product appear to be more effective than it really is. For us critics in the industry, it takes a lot more than just excellent marketing material to impress us – show us real results, and we’ll listen.

And that’s exactly what we got.

While researching about Male UltraCore, we found several studies linking all the ingredients of Male UltraCore. Now – men and women in this industry would know, studies are very hard to come by, and it’s very challenging to prove effectiveness in a controlled setting, such as a clinical test. With Male UltraCore, every single one of its ingredients – from the core ingredients to the proprietary blend ingredients, everything is backed up by scientific references. Not only that, every piece of study isn’t made by some shady laboratory; everything is published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).

Sounds legit? Yes. See the studies for yourself:

Male UltraCore Studies

Is Male UltraCore effective? – Real Life Testing and Results

Male UltraCore may have an extensive in-depth science, but the real pill has yet to prove itself. When reviewing male enhancement supplements, we make it a point that we test the product ourselves to see if it really does deliver the results we are looking for.

I ordered Male UltraCore and received it within 5 days. A little later than I wanted, but since I ordered on a Friday I expected it to come a bit later than usual. I wasted no time in testing it out. I took my first pill before breakfast and waited for something to happen – unfortunately, I didn’t end up having sex on the first day, but I had a strong urge to masturbate (I didn’t, if anyone’s wondering). The following day, I felt an urge to have sex. I hit the bar, talked to some girls, and eventually had someone to come home with me. The sex that night was a bit different from what I was used to. I’m usually just a one-pop john but I went on to ejaculate three times. I just thought she was really hot and my body was more than willing to do her over and over again.

Over the next few weeks, I maintained my intake of Male UltraCore. Sex was getting better by the day. The best part is, my erections are getting bigger and bigger. I already know that penis enlargement isn’t possible – this couldn’t possibly add mass to my penile muscle, but this was definitely making my erections bigger- like it was stretching it out further and further.

There’s one thing I learned - ladies love seeing a fully-attentive hard-as-rock penis. It makes them go crazy in bed and do all sorts of things to you and make you feel good. Having sex that much and having ladies want to make you feel good definitely made me improve my game. I was confident, and I had no problems making ladies reach their climax over and over again. Looking back, there was a time when I didn’t have sex for stretches of weeks. Now, ladies are throwing themselves at me to have sex! I never thought I’d ever had to decline sex but with too many girls in my phone book, I had to make use of my scheduling skills to have enough time for all of them. When ladies are that eager to have sex, I had no problems asking some of them for threesomes. I thought this is the life.

My only mistake in this entire scenario is that I didn’t buy enough. I went the cheapskate route and bought just one bottle to test. Now I’m hooked and can’t get enough of it.

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How Male UltraCore works

All these benefits made me entirely curious about Male UltraCore. What’s the science behind this pill that turned me from a regular Joe into a sleeper stud?

I got my hands on every piece of Male UltraCore material I can find, and here’s what I found out:

Male UltraCore uses two different technologies to power the formula –the VI-PEX Technology and STEM Technology. Each of these technologies was independently created and developed for Male UltraCore. These two technologies contribute a lot to your male performance, and it all starts with a bulletproof concept.

VI-PEX and STEM Technology

VI-PEX technology

VI-PEX stands for Vasodilator Ingredients for Penile Expansion. Basically, Male UltraCore has a powerful combination of vasodilator ingredients that help to increase blood flow and trigger penile expansion. When blood vessels are optimally dilated, you won’t have any problems getting an erection. Male UltraCore takes vasodilation a notch further by joining NO boosters with PDE-5 inhibitors. Basically, N.O. or nitric oxide lets blood vessels dilate, and PDE-5 inhibitors allow it to intensify and last longer. With just the VI-PEX technology, Male UltraCore already has the potential to increase the size of your erection.

More information about VI-PEX here

STEM Technology

The other tech used by Male UltraCore, STEM, is far more complex and is the core tech used to deliver male enhancement benefits. In essence, the formula revolves around testosterone – increasing testosterone production and retaining it. To be honest, this is the first product I’ve seen that tackles testosterone retention. Since testosterone is naturally metabolized into other hormones, it’s important to keep as much of it in the body to produce better results. I’ve mentioned in my other reviews that only 0.3% of the body’s testosterone can be used to augment sexual performance through its androgenic benefits. That’s why retaining testosterone is important. In addition to nutrients that improve testosterone production, Male UltraCore also has enzyme inhibitors which prevent the metabolism of testosterone to other hormones like estrogen and DHT. As a result, testosterone builds up consistently and allows more of its androgenic benefits to permeate through the body.

More information about STEM Technology here

The combination of VI-PEX and STEM brings an unprecedented level of scientific expertise in a segment that is usually neglected in terms of scientific accuracy. This, in my opinion, makes Male UltraCore the best male enhancement product there is.

Male UltraCore Pros and Cons

Does Male UltraCore Work

Male UltraCore Pros:

Male UltraCore Cons:

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Male UltraCore Massive Discount

Did you know that you can get Male UltraCore at a massive discount?

Male UltraCore launched the Premier Loyalty Pricing that gives you 50% off Male UltraCore starting from your 4th month onwards! This massive discount gives you great flexibility on your budget, and it gives you the option to upgrade your Male UltraCore package to Gold or Platinum to step up your male enhancement progress.

The Premier Loyalty Pricing is intended to give a huge incentive to those who are 100% committed to improving their sexual performance. By taking Male UltraCore for three months straight, you can reach your peak sexual enhancement results. Continuing to take Male UltraCore for more than three months allow you to preserve your results and further enhance your sexual performance.

Not only that; Male UltraCore also has several added bonuses for Premier Loyalty Customers to enjoy. On top of the $40 savings, you get every month, you also get FREE Club UltraCore supplements delivered together with your monthly Male UltraCore supply. Choose from a variety of our 10 best supplements which range from weight loss, fitness, mental performance, pain management, and even cardiovascular health. These supplements are intended to support your daily health and your current supplement health needs.

All you need to avail of all these bonuses is ensure that you have an active method of payment listed under your account to allow Male UltraCore to continue your monthly plan. For more information about the Premier Loyalty Pricing, please call 1-800-912-5055.

My verdict:

Overall, Male UltraCore is definitely the pill to buy when you need a reliable male enhancement supplement. I don’t think anyone would want to buy a product that ranks second or third. This pill is definitely the pill to have if you want to get bigger erections and better sexual performance. Price-wise, Male UltraCore still edges the competition, despite having a slightly more expensive price tag, since it gives more value for money. Male UltraCore is a combination of multiple products, and buying separately would cost 3-4 times more. Male UltraCore definitely deserves the recognition it has received from the male enhancement community. It’s the top brand today, and it will take a long time before another pill could even match the superiority of Male UltraCore.

To order Male UltraCore or to know more about Male UltraCore, visit their website at or click the link below:

Does Male UltraCore Work

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